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“We The People” are the Power.

“WE” should be running our Government.

Not the special intrests,

Not Big Business,

Not the Political Action Commities that really only represent a very small percentage of “US”,

and Certianly NOT the useless and redundent beurocratic systems created to regulate the crap out of “US”.

It’s Time to Decide what side of the fence we want to be on.

This site is for you “AMERICA”

It’s time to put the “WE” back in “US”.

We have sat on the sidelines long enough.

We have been complaining amungst ourselves about the way things are yet we remain silent when it comes time to Vote.

For decades we have allowed a minority percentage of our population to elect our officials.

Due to our complacency we now have a system where the minority runs the country.

The electoral system favors the corupt and opresses the masses.

Only by shear numbers will ther ever be hope for “US” to regain the power our forefathers bestowed upon us.

The Revolution has begun.

Last time we used force to eliminate the oppressors from our land.

This time we must use our Voices and our VOTES to eliminate them from Washington.