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Chelsea Clinton Drops The Single Stupidest Tweet Of All Time | Daily Wire

On Saturday, Chelsea Clinton, decrying a cover of a Lincoln Day Dinner program that showed a picture of Abraham Lincoln wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, issued a tweet with possibly the stupidest question of all time: Please tell… Continue Reading →

That Apple is still hanging on that thar tree!

Can Anyone explain? Was She trying to “One-Up” Trump?

American Center for Law and Justice

When you start digging around, you’ll come to realize, things arn’t what they seem. These Guys are an important part of the “American” S.O.S. Our Revolutions Point Men. Go ahead and visit. Dig aroung their news feeds, and archives. This… Continue Reading →

Transcript of the Constitution of the United States – Official Text

A Study of the actual words does a soul good when pondering such importand tasks as debating the issues, and, oh yeah, VOTING. Source: Transcript of the Constitution of the United States – Official Text The Socialistic Democrats, and Establishment… Continue Reading →

The Mission

Hello. From The Class Of 1976, I’m Uncle Stan and I Want YOU. The Tea Party Is Over. The Revolution Has Begun. Our Founding Fathers Knew This Day Would Come. It’s Time for “US” to be heard. It’s Time To… Continue Reading →

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