A Study of the actual words does a soul good when pondering such importand tasks as debating the issues, and, oh yeah, VOTING.

Source: Transcript of the Constitution of the United States – Official Text

The Socialistic Democrats, and Establishment Republicans,

have been slowly and progressively chiping away at the safegaurds and minipulating the meanings of these words for decades.

Little by little, Our Voices are being silenced. Our Rights are being deminished and Our very way of life eliminated.

Choosing to sit back and “see what happens” and hope that they can figure it out,


“We The People”


“The Silent Majority”

MUST take action NOW. We are seriously only one President away from loosing what we have held so dear for so long.       more on this later;

For now I have a simple reguest for;

All Whom read this, and Love their Country, and, want to leave it in better shape than “We” found it for our next generation.

Share this site with at least 2 of your close friends or associsates.


Shear Numbers is the only solution.

This Election is about the Supreme Court.

The MAIN TOOL that our Socialist counterparts use to inhibit us.

Hey, UncleStan here,

I Personally want to invite Each AND Every American.

NO Matter Whom You Think you support.

NO Matter if your Undicided.

No Matter Who you are.

NO Matter what you do.

Pass this on.

Visit regular. Voice your Opinions.

Post your concerns. Debate the issues.

Offer Your Insite on solutions.

Be part of  America’s S.O.S.


Above ALL, when it comes time,